The New World of Collaborative Asset Management

Machine to machine [M2M] communication and social media enabled collaboration are two of the most disruptive technological advancements the world has seen in recent times, but both can have a profound implication on the way we manage assets, especially in the aftermarket. This optimal blending of machine to machine communication and the power of social media is what is going to shape up asset management in tomorrow’s world.

Smart Machines
It is a well-accepted fact that, thanks to M2M technology, very soon every machine on Earth will be able to talk about its health and performance. Machines will have the ability to communicate their information wherever, whenever and to whomever wants it. Every machine is going to be intelligent and smart, and in ideal situations, have a self-healing mechanism. Some simple examples would be automatically increasing room temperature in a data center, automatically and systematically notifying users and shutting down servers, and dispatching and scheduling transport assets based on telematics.

With these smart machines, it will become important for machine manufacturers to obtain the feedback from their machines after they are sold for the performance and accuracy of data and signals they produce. Further, manufacturers can no longer listen to just their own machines, but rather include feedback from machines made by other manufacturers, including the competition, to set the right benchmarks.

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